The disclaimer

Have you ever read the list of disclaimers you get when you buy something? Have you ever called your cell phone company and were given a list of disclaimers at the end of the call? “We don’t do this, we don’t do that, we don’t cover this, we don’t cover that….”

Well let me share my disclaimers…

I am just a mom, a widow, a Christian, a nurse, a friend, a daughter. I am going to share my life happenings with you, my very own humble opinions, what I’ve done, seen, said or learned throughout my life and my experiences as a single widow mom. I don’t have master or doctorate degrees, I didn’t go to med school or law school for 20 years. I haven’t traveled the world, I’m not an expert on anything, except how I make my coffee or how I make breakfast or how I make mac n cheese for my kid. I don’t even know how to navigate this website that well!

I’m just me, for sure not the sweetest peach in the basket, I’m blunt, I don’t sugar-coat anything because I’m not Willy Wonka, well except cookies, some cookies like those little round ones with pecan pieces that are covered in powdered sugar and have like a thousand names depending who you’re talking to, well maybe those cookies I do sugar-coat. So don’t quote me on anything, and don’t get offended, and don’t get on the high horse either. Take whatever I say with a grain of salt, that’s what I would do anyways…

I’m a talker, and those who know me can attest to this. I’m one of those people who just like to share, anything that is in my brain or my heart, or my roster! Maybe it’ll help you, or maybe it’ll inspire you, or maybe it’ll make you laugh, hopefully it won’t make you cry! It could be meant for you or for someone you know. It could trigger an idea or a response or an emotion or something, anything. Have you ever been to the mall? Do you buy everything you see? Of course not! You walk by stores, you look at their windows, you see mannequins wearing outfits or shoes or purses, some you like, some you don’t. Some outfits or shoes you take home, most you don’t. Same with opinions, same with blogs.

Anyways, just wanted to make sure we got this clear. Let’s just see how it goes, and I’m so excited and so looking forward to writing more! So see you soon, alright?



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