following the breadcrumbs

Maybe you’ve read this verse before in the Bible, “You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” Jeremiah 29:13. You seek God’s help or guidance or direction when you pray with all your heart. Like I’ve told you before, God answers right away, or sometimes He takes a while, and a few times it takes a whole more than a while. One thing is for sure, God won’t call you or send you an email, and I don’t think He’ll text you with the answer. I do believe we have to be ready and have our heart listening for when He answers, and those answers may take forms you didn’t quite expect.

So our lives pretty much go from work and school to sleep, go back and forth to i9Sports or karate, we do what we can during our little time off and then, we go to church on Sunday morning and we press start over. I work nights so I can be a mom during the day, then sleep during the day to be a working mom at nights. God blessed me with a job that allows me to work from home, school and daycare are 1 mile away, so that’s pretty awesome. If you’re a single parent and you don’t have a built-in mariachi to kick in to help you at all times, everything turns into a choice. The kid or the house? Kid of course. The kid or me? Kid again, it’s not like at 7 years of age you can trust him to drive to HEB by himself and do grocery shopping while you do dishes or clean the bathroom. So something’s gotta give, and that’s been me and the house. So I have prayed for God to help me get out of my funk, and be more organized and more productive, and more whatever I need to be and do to make it better and get it done!

Alright, so I’ve gotten some answers, and I’ve called them breadcrumbs because literally, I found one thing, and that one led me to another, and then to another. I am pretty sure God has been leading me to those breadcrumbs:

1- I had been praying for that something to help me ignite myself, so through one of the people I follow on Facebook, I found out about Pastor TD Jakes, then in his devotionals I found the answer to a lot of my prayers. Not only his devotionals have been a blessing, but his books are also really good! I found God telling me to go for it, I found God telling me through Pastor Jakes it is time to move forward, to take off and soar!

2- While watching one of Pastor Jakes’ sermons on YouTube, I found Mel Robbins talking about her #5SecondRule and how it changed her life. Well I got to watch her video, bought her book, and I’m so happy to report that I’m finally getting stuff done! I have very limited time, but I’m making some progress! It’s amazing how the simplest thing can have the biggest impact, and it’s actually helping so much!

3- I have been making several attempts to find a home workout that would work for me. Which workout you ask? Yep, I have them all! I don’t know if you remember Carnie Wilson from the Wilson Phillips, so years ago in an interview she talked about Diamond Dallas Page and his workouts changed her life. Well Mr Page used to be a professional wrestler and after several injuries, in collaboration with a doctor, they came up with DDP Yoga, “not your mama’s yoga”, it has helped so many people, and I’m sure it’ll help me. I’ve hurt my back over the years, but the worst part was a few years ago when I was t-boned by a drunk driver. Anyways, this is an awesome life changing workout and all you need is you, a mat and DDP Yoga. I’ve always loved rowing, got me a piston rower which didn’t work as I wanted to, and I just got me a WaterRower, and I can feel the burn everywhere! This is a no-impact whole body workout, so what else could I ask for?

4- Finally, I have also tried several diets, and while I haven’t been diagnosed with anything specifically, I’m pretty sure I’m on the verge of diabetes due to my being overweight. So after doing my research and unsuccessfully trying a lot of these wonderful diets, I have found that the Ketogenic diet is probably the best diet out there in order to whack the extra pounds I’ve been carrying around while bringing my whole body to a healthier level. Well, I’ve had to make some adjustments, but it seems like it is the winner! Now, if I could just stay away from carbs…

So all of the above are just some of the breadcrumbs I believe God has led me to after praying for direction, for guidance. They may not be the most wonderful breadcrumbs to you, but when you’re by yourself in a house without a mariachi to help you with anything, you have a very active kid that keeps you on your toes, you barely see the sun because all you do is work and sleep, and chauffeur your kid back and forth to school and his activities, and you find yourself deep into this funk and the person you see in the mirror is someone you don’t quite recognize, these breadcrumbs are wonderful!

There are some more prayers of course, and some more breadcrumbs I’m following that I’ll share eventually, but I think that’s it for now. I hope that you’re praying for God to help you find the right direction and guidance. I know I have prayed until I’ve gotten blue in the face but you know, holding on to God and His promises is all I have and all I can do. So I hope my breadcrumbs help you too! They’re wonderful to me!!!

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