weight, dna and other stuff

I bet you thought I had vanished! Well, I didn’t. My kid got sick, got him on antibiotics, then he shared the love with me, and it kicked me as hard as a donkey’s kick on my lovely heiny! Anyways, I’m back but while I was out of circulation, I found out a few quite interesting things about my DNA and my health. I had a couple of tests done early this year to in a way cut the chase and get to the point. I told you before, this is the year where it all changes, and changes for the better, and that includes my weight. HA! Remember the old snail on Ativan? Yes, it hasn’t gone that far…

So let me backtrack. While doing my research and going through all the different diets and lifestyles, I came across the Ketogenic Diet. In my very humble opinion, ketogenic pretty much solves it all, diabetes type 2 and cholesterol and all that stuff. Yes, it comes with some adjustments and when you look at other people’s losses, I mean, it’s not a brainer!! You eat fat to lose fat. Yes! You can eat bacon, rib eye steaks, butter and heavy whipping cream, what’s not to like!!!?? Alright, not in obscene amounts of course, you need to follow your macros, but still. Well, then I found that my body didn’t actually digest the fats that well. I did lose about 10 lbs after I almost drove myself nuts, and then it all stopped. Found out my kryptonite has sabotaging my efforts, and that kryptonite is my lack of sleep.

I was trying to do it all, work full time, be a mom, try to exercise, follow a keto diet, try to semi-cook, and sleep. Well, it didn’t work out too well. I pretty much lost my marbles and my body stopped. I eliminated one thing that would add stress to the equation and that was exercise, I mean, it’s not like I was doing hours either, but adding more stress to my body was not helping. Some people still lose weight without exercising, so I thought I’d give it a try. Anyways, I added any little bit of time I could to my sleep log, my sleep went to about 4-6 hours during the week, but my weight didn’t change at all. I also changed the fats, went back to the macros, and nothing. I mean, no changes.

Enter the DNA test results. As it turns out, my body does not care for fats, but protein. I’m a protein seeker, so focus on the protein. Also found out, that while I have to watch which fats I eat, my body will not be altered by the amount of fats I eat. So the recommendation is to keep my fat macros below 25%, increase the protein and keep the carbs low. So, will do. I also found out that while my genetic weight predisposes me to weight about 9% less than average, I have a variant in my genes that may predispose me to gain weight. Most importantly, found out that my body doesn’t deal with blood glucose and insulin very well.

Bottom line, I still need to keep it as low carb as I can, keep proteins up and fats lower than the proteins. I still have to sort out the lack of sleep and the hormone circus that I have going on. I’m pretty sure the next thing is finding a way to sleep at least 7 hours in one single shot instead of bits and pieces. Bringing my stress level down, try to find some balance, cleanse my body from all the crap I’ve put into it along the years… I’m going back to exercising once I get better from this strep throat that attacked me this week. I haven’t kept my macros since I got sick, and I’m going back to them in a few days.

So back on the horse it is, well not really on the horse horse! It’d be a crime to get on a horse with my current load of love! But you know what I mean! I am still determined to lose all this love handles that I’m carrying around. I must be healthy and fit, not just for me but for my sweet loving Samuel.

Thank you!!


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