why hello there!

I know it’s been a while, I apologize. Last fall I was supposed to resume my blog, then new job for me, new school grade for the kid, major adjustment, then when we finally got on a roll, the virus shows up and derails everything. It brought a lot of things to a new light, under a different perspective, and forced us all to re-evaluate our status quo. I hope this is finding you well and in good spirits, considering the current circumstances. 

From our homes, our neighbors, friends and family, our schools, our jobs, everything changed. Everything. But before I go any further, I must tell you that on this corner, it’s God, family and country. End of story. I respect people’s views. I don’t really care for engaging into debates or arguments over who is right and who is wrong. You do you and I do me. My foundation is pretty solid and I’m raising my kid with my values and morals. Why do I make this statement? Because 2020 forced us all to take a side or a corner or a lane. 

What I do know now is that life as we knew it 365 days ago is no longer what it was. I think is different, I wouldn’t presume to know if it’s better or worse or the same for you, but for us, I would say we’re between same and better. Closer to better. I think. Anyways, it all changed for better or worse. I realized I couldn’t stay neutral though. I don’t know if we have met, maybe we have, but maybe I should introduce myself just in case.

My name is Laura, I’m a widow mom of the kid, Samuel and 4 beautiful dogs. Back in 2004 then-future husband Richard and I met on Match, yes, we were a success story. I was born and raised in Monterrey, he flew over to meet me in person, then I flew to the Bay Area, he proposed, gave me the rock in front of The Rock, and I never left. We got Nike our beagle, married, then got Zoe our other beagle. Went through the whole immigration process, became a resident in 2004 then a citizen in 2008 and then we moved to Texas right after.

The kid happened after 6 years worth of fertility specialists, 2 in-vitro treatments, complete placenta previa, bleeding out at 35 weeks, 911 call, ems, emergency c-section, two weeks in the NICU, all of the above just to bring the kid home in 2010. Husband passed away in December 2012 a couple weeks after I graduated from nursing school. In 2013, started working on a med surg/ortho floor, we sold our house, moved to a smaller house, met boyfriend big Sam. Got t-boned by an illegal drunk driver in 2014, spent months in physical therapy while still working full time.

2015 had broken windshields with flying metal things and canceled trips, but then we lost Zoe in January 2016, then in April the hail that destroyed half the city destroyed our car and half the house. At the end of summer we moved to the house we have now. The kid started kindergarten and I started a new job working nights as a triage nurse over the phone from home. In 2017 my health took a dive along with the relationship with the boyfriend who finally left us, on my birthday.  

During 2018 I had the worst time with this job, my health was awful, the kid needed me. I quit 3 times before they let me go, and I focused on the kid. He had reached an age in which he had finally began to comprehend all the losses we had, but then we lost Nike and that just pushed him further down. I went on a journey to help my son heal and somehow get past all of the above. Slowly but surely, he began the process of healing and then in 2019, we got Finn our beagle boy, and then we got Lynn our beagle girl, and at the end of summer my friend referred me to a job, which I got, so my sabbatical ended.

What also ended was me taking the kid all the way to his desk. It was a crutch. He was holding on to me and I was letting him but I couldn’t do that anymore because I had a day job at an office now. It was so nerve wracking! So on the third day of classes, this annoying child caused my kid to get in trouble, a teacher had the nerve to question my kid, and I went off on half the school. The kid flipped his inner switch and he started standing for himself, but at the same time he started begging for me to home school him which was not possible because I had an office job.

2020 began and the virus entered our lives and we all went home! The kid was in heaven doing virtual school at home and I was in heaven working from home. Restrictions everywhere, you must wear the mask or risk being shamed by the mask police. Summer happened, major floor remodeling at home, we got Bryn our german shepherd girl and then Briggs our german shepherd baby boy. School started, virtual school at home while mama is working from home, and it obvious that it was time for the kid to go back to school. I mean, seriously. Then, I was able to transfer to a different department and the kid went back to school, yay! 

And here we are, happy. You may be wondering, how is this crazy woman happy with all of the above? God. We have a few choices in life, and one of those is how we react. I didn’t want to be like Peter in the Bible. He doubted Jesus and started drowning. Peter took his eyes off Jesus and fear kicked in, he freaked out, he started sinking and he cried out to Jesus (Matthew 14:28-33). When you doubt, when you fear, when you take your eyes off of Jesus, bad things happen. I just won’t go there. At all. 

We have gone through a lot, an understatement I know. The kid is not me of course, he’s only 10 years old right now. He is growing and learning and he still needs encouragement and guidance when things happen. My job as his mom is to help him understand what happens when we lose our faith in Jesus and in God. There is more to learn from the Peter drowning episode by the way and yes, I’ll go there later.

Before I wrap this up, a little disclosure: I am very blunt and I have a dry sense of humor. I’m not one to feel pity for myself and I don’t complain and ask God ‘why me!?’ That would never come out of my mouth, heart or mind. If I fall, I make a note of what happened so I don’t do it again. If something happens, I pray for God’s help and guidance and I carry on. I don’t expect people to be like me, but I am not one to dwell in the pain and suffering and tragedy and fear. I can’t. I do have emotions, but I don’t emotions baths every day. Crap happens, whine it for an hour, then off you go! Life must go on! 

Alright, so stick with me, you’ll get a lot of God, family and country, and dog stuff, and the kid’s happenings, and mine too of course, and a lot more! See you soon!!!


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