So what now

Alright, so 2020 was more than a crap show. The plans we had, all turned into crap.

What do you want for 2021? I know what I want. I want 2020 to be done.

I want some more of course. Last year about this time I made a post.

I said we had reached a 7-year week and it was time to start a new 7-year week.

Well, it was a crappy beginning if you ask me. Anyways

It was still a decent year though. Unexpected good things happened.

The kid wanted to be homeschooled, and well, he was sent home to do virtual school.

Let’s cross the homeschooling off the bucket list. 

This mama wanted to work from home, and well, mama was sent home to work from home.

The kid wanted siblings, the kid got more fur siblings, and I don’t have to send them to college.

We had our wishes, and those were granted. So for that we are grateful.

Also, the floors got replaced, the kid grew older and mama grew wider.

So what now? 

Well, I can see my Instagram filled up with all sorts of inspirational posts for the new year.

There were a few things on some of those posts that I used to begin my list.

I looked at the list 2020 started with, and I decided to clean the slate.

An organized, cleaner space is what I had to start my list with.

The floors were done, but I haven’t finished. The rest has to get pretty too. In & out.

I realized this was a trigger. It is definitely making me anxious. So why not?

Then the health department. That’s another stressor. 

Mama has been on the pound roller coaster, it’s time to bring the pounds down.

The virus has put a lot on the spot and also on perspective.

Details for later, but obesity is one of the things that helps the virus go crazy.

I had already done this before and it worked, so I’ll give it another goal. Fasting. 

I tried everything before. When eating doesn’t help, fasting does. 

Coffee remains on the list, enhanced water does too.  

Sleep has been my hidden pea in the mattresses. It’s getting better though.

The dogs are getting better so my sleep will get better as well. In progress.

Now there is one more area that needs a major overhaul.

My relationship with God.

I listen to the Bible on audible, I read it as well. We go to church. We pray 3-4 times a day.

I have prayed through every single episode of our very own series of unfortunate events. 

I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs. I don’t do bad things.

I am fat though and I say bad words. That’s what I do with the stress. I’m not perfect!

Have you heard of My Heart Christ’s Home by Robert Boyd Munger? 

This is exactly what I’m talking about. 

How can I expect blessings and blessings if I’m not giving God and Jesus what they deserve?

Alright, so what now? 

My fancy planner list so far has God, praying, my health, my home in & out listed on it. 

I suppose this is a good start. 


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