One a day

So yes, the year started and with the new year came all these things I wanted to do.

I am pretty sure you have a list too, I don’t know how long, but one nonetheless.

Well, my very first task is getting closer to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 

I was born to Catholic parents, I was baptized when I was a baby, then I got sick.

I landed in the hospital, was pretty ill for months, then finally God pulled me through. 

During this time my parents turned to God and received Jesus in their hearts.

I grew up in a non-denominational family, and yes, I was a squeaky wheel for a while.

If you have ever talked to the firstborn of a non-denominational pastor you’d understand.

My parents at the time were very strict, I was the oldest with 3 younger siblings.

I was on the spotlight all the time, and I hated it! 

I endured the best I could, and here we are. With a few scars but still alright and a miling!

I have read the Bible hundreds of times, sometimes in order, sometimes back and forth.

I have renewed my commitment to Jesus many times as well. 

I got baptized a few years ago, for the longest time I didn’t think I was ready or worthy.

One day I finally understood that Jesus doesn’t need me worthy or ready. 

Jesus wants me willing, with a willing heart and a willing mind.

Willing to leave it all for Him, willing to set it all aside for Him.

This year I want to go really in depth, and I am, but there was one thing I added.

One Proverb a day.

No, it’s nothing new. I heard about one Proverb a day this a few years ago.

In my very humble opinion, the book of Proverbs is like the chalice full of wisdom. 

The book of Proverbs is the guide we need for everyday living.

I remember standing in the middle of the living room when I was young reading them out loud.

I was suffering! Why were my parents torturing me with reading the Bible? Proverbs? Out loud!!

The truth is the first time does not quite sink in. You have to read Proverbs a few times.

Now that I pray with my son, we pray for God to grant us wisdom.

Wisdom to do and say the right things. 

Wisdom to stay away from trouble and from those causing it. 

Discipline is learned through Proverbs. Righteousness comes from it as well.

How to be a good husband, a good wife, a good parent, a good child.

Being a good example to others, being good and true to others.

Improving relationships and interactions with family, friends, coworkers.

Guidance for our character, our reputation, the decisions we make. Proverbs.

Proverbs has warnings about laziness, weaknesses, anger and sin. 

When our minds need strength, clarity or renewal, proverbs are there. 

Solomon is the one who wrote the book of Proverbs. 

He wanted wisdom to guide God’s people first and foremost. 

He became King of Israel after his father David.

Solomon was also a human being who made mistakes later on in life.

He still left us with this guide to be the best person one can ever be. 

If you have ever wanted the best advice for your life, the book of Proverbs has it.

It’s timeless, it’s traditional, it’s classic, it’s the best advice one could get.

Do you know what the greatest part is? You can start any day. 

Today is the 11th of January, so you can just pick up your Bible and start on Proverbs 11.

You want to start tomorrow? Proverbs chapter 12 is waiting for you!

The book of Proverbs has 31 chapters, one for each day. You get two sometimes. 

I wanted to improve myself and my kid. Proverbs is the best way about it. 

Besides the rest of the Bible of course. 

So one Proverbs chapter a day. 

Just one a day. 


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