What I do to avoid the doctor

I just wrote a blog about what we do to keep my kid floating the sea of germs almost unaffected, but I need to share what I do as a mom to stay afloat as well! It is impossible to avoid all germs, but I believe in getting our bodies primed, prepared and ready for any surprises, especially if you are a nurse or if you are a teacher or if you are a mom or a dad. I’m a single widow mom, there’s nobody else around to pick up the slack for me, so I need to stay as healthy as possible.

Last time I saw a doctor was November last year. My immune system went down because I was going through a very stressful time at work and I was barely sleeping. Other than this one time, it’s usually allergies that get me. It seems like when allergies have gone wrong, the worst kind of germ crosses your path and off you go to get the nastiest cold or flu ever. One of the first things both the kid and I do every year is to get the flu shot. There’s no need to expose ourselves to germs!

Alright, so my favorite whole body & immune system items! You could find them at your favorite grocery store, or you could just click here and have them delivered at your door! See, I saved you the trouble because it’s all about efficient convenience!

First, on my list:

Super Greens | Best Green Veggie Superfood Powder | 30 Servings | 20 Whole Foods (Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Chlorella, Kale, Barley), Probiotics, Fiber, Enzymes | GMO, Soy, Gluten-Free Juice Supplement, click right here: https://amzn.to/2JaQI0t If you’ve gotten sick and I’ve seen you, I probably already told you to get greens! I cannot imagine going through the fall/winter/spring seasons without this amazing boost for the immune system! Greens help to get your body on the alkaline side and give you lots of energy. If your body is on the acidic side, you get sick with whatever germs to cross paths with. Get your greens! If I feel like I might come down with anything, I double or triple my greens for that day, and I’m good afterwards. Otherwise, one serving in your smoothie or with water is great. The taste? I got over the taste a long time ago! It makes me healthy and that’s all that matters!


Airborne Citrus Chewable Tablets, 96 count – 1000mg of Vitamin C – Immune Support Supplement, click right here: https://amzn.to/2PMs74A I need these ones to keep my vitamin C, zinc, selenium, manganese, magnesium, echinacea and ginger plus antioxidants up too. I don’t like gummies so these chewable tabs are great. I try to chew them before I eat anything, this way the food and water wash the taste off my mouth.


Dr. Tobias Vitality – Multivitamin for Women and for Men – Enhanced Bioavailability – With Whole Food & Herbal Ingredients, Minerals and Enzymes – Rich in Vitamin B & C – Non-GMO, click right here: https://amzn.to/2JfTcL6  These are loaded and are amazing! Dr. Tobias’ multivitamins are fortified with 42 raw whole foods, so you’re getting your vitamins, minerals, superfoods, enzymes, probiotics, a lot of fruits and vegetables and it gives you energy! Absolutely one of my favorites for sure!

Now, in my allergies section! I used to get hammered with allergies, and I used to get sinus headaches that got really close to migraines sometimes. They’re almost gone now! I do get maybe a couple in a two-week period, but it’s nothing compared to before! The combination below has been my recipe for years, and it works perfect! I have also shared it with others, and they have loved my combination! Almost all allergy symptoms go away, which keeps me from getting sick as well, and they’re all non-drowsy! So here is my combination:


GoodSense All Day Allergy, Cetirizine HCL Tablets, 10 mg, 365 Count, click right here: https://amzn.to/2CZEIyq Works exactly like Zyrtec but it’s a lot cheaper! I take this one every morning. Even though it provides relief for 24 hours, my body needs a boost 12 hours into it. Since I cannot and should not double the dose, I did my research and found out that I can alternate with another antihistamine!


GoodSense Allergy Relief Loratadine Tablets, 10 mg, 365 Count, click right here: https://amzn.to/2CZ4IKf  Works exactly like Claritin and it costs a lot less! I take this one at night. Again, it provides relief for 24 hours, but I guess my body needs more than that. So I alternate this one with the one above, and problem solved! I’m covered 24 hours with alternating these two.


GoodSense Nasal Decongestant Phenylephrine HCl 10 mg tablets, 72-count, click right here: https://amzn.to/2R9ucHP Works exactly like Sudafed but cheaper! I take these little guys in between Zyrtec and Claritin, because these are the ones that kick the butt of some stubborn mean allergies that give me sinus headaches throughout my day! I have them everywhere, in my purses, upstairs and downstairs, they’re just a life saver!


Kirkland Signature Extra Strength Rapid Release Pain Reliever Acetaminophen 500 MG 400 rapid release gelcaps Bottle, click right here: https://amzn.to/2CYZJcF  Works just like Tylenol, but cost less! I have these one everywhere, I pair them with Sudafed, and I can take them without food in case I feel like a sinus headache is in the making. Follow the directions! I usually start off with Tylenol if I have anything with a level of pain between 1-4, and I never wait for any pain to go beyond a level of pain of 5 on a scale of 1-10 because it takes forever for the pain to come down to zero.


Kirkland Signature Ibuprofen IB Caplets 200 MG – 500 Count (1 Bottle), click right here: https://amzn.to/2Sc1447 Works just like your regular ibuprofen but for less! I also have them everywhere, but I take these ones with food! Follow the directions! If the Tylenol I took didn’t bring my pain down as much as I wanted to, I wait at least 3 hours and then take Ibuprofen with dinner or something. Ibuprofen is great when the level of pain has gone beyond a 5, it’s not immediate, but it does help bring my sinus headache down.


Robitussin Adult Long-Acting CoughGels (20 Count), 8-Hour Non-Drowsy Cough Suppressant, Liqui-Gels Capsules, click right here: https://amzn.to/2Scbgtl  I have these ones ready when I got that annoying cough that comes when allergies are starting to do their thing with me, and I have them everywhere as well. Follow the directions! I usually drink plenty of liquids, and I double my greens to help boost my immune system and fight this back.


Mucinex 12 Hour Maximum Strength Chest Congestion Expectorant Tablets, 42ct, 1200mg Guaifenesin with Extended Relief, click right here: https://amzn.to/2PMBKjK  Alright, so the stubborn mean allergies did their thing, and now I’m coughing. Mucinex to the rescue! Follow the directions!! I drink a lot of fluids because it helps to thin out the mucus and get rid of the phlegm a lot easier!

Special note: I get these ones for my kid when his chest is congested and/or when he has phlegms that need to come out:

Mucinex Children’s Mini Melts Chest Congestion Expectorant Bubble Gum 12 Ct & Cough Suppressant Orange Creme 12 Ct Packets, click right here: https://amzn.to/2RaDweJ  These work great, and the kid doesn’t make a fuss about them. We love them! Follow the directions and drink lots of liquids to help thin out the mucus and phlegm making it easier to expectorate!I’m adding this to my blog from yesterday as well!!

Alright, so all of the above are my favorites and my allergy combination. I do everything in my power to avoid getting sick. If I do get sick, it’s a mild version of allergies gone bad or cold or flu, but nothing that would keep me in bed unable to fend for myself. Nothing major.

And we do this all the time: we get the annual flu shot, we wash hands with soap and water, we use alcohol-based hand sanitizer, we cover our mouths, we try our best to stay away from sick people and we keep our areas clean. With kids, it’s hard but it’s not impossible. I have drilled these suggestions into my kid’s head! I wish my kid would inhale greens the same way I do, but he won’t!

Regardless, here’s the link to what we do to keep the kid from getting sick: https://apersistentwidowmom.com/2018/10/22/what-we-use-to-avoid-the-doctor/

Hope all of the above helps you as much as it helps me!!


I am a single widow mom, a registered nurse, and certified health coach. I did not go to medical school at all, I am not a pediatrician nor a registered nurse with experience in pediatrics. My experience comes from being inquisitive and curious, from being a very clumsy person, from being a boy mom, from being a registered nurse and a health coach, and a fur and fish mama as well. So, just to be clear, I am not your nor your kid’s registered nurse or health coach. I love helping others, and I love sharing what we have learned along the way with others as well, but I’m not liable for how you use this information.

Nothing mentioned in this website or on this blog is to be construed as medical or health advice, nor is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  If you have any health condition or concern, please contact your physician or health care provider.  You should always consult with a physician or health care provider prior to changing your diet, exercise program, using any new product or supplement, stopping the use of any product or supplement.  You are responsible for your own research of scientific and nutritional facts prior to doing anything mentioned on this website or on this blog.  You are encouraged to research the facts on anything that you might think about doing based on the information on this website or on this blog.  Everyone’s body is different and what I say or what I have experienced might not be true for you.  I cannot be held responsible for the effects of anything that you might choose to do as the result of something that you may have read on this website or on this blog.

This site contains affiliate links.  That means that when you click on a link and make a purchase, I might make a commission.  However, the amount that you pay will not change. I will only recommend stuff that has worked for both me and my kid, and I won’t waste our time in stuff that didn’t work. The links I provide are here to make it easy for you to find this stuff and, if you decide to purchase them, as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

Thanks for your understanding and your support!


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